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What Exactly is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a comprehensive digital marketing software which lets users to generate high quality landing pages fast and also easily. There was once a time when creating a high converting landing page needed coding skills plus many other technical skills. Thanks to LeadPages simple step by step setup process, everything is streamlined. The summary below will outline and give information about Leadpages features, price, available integrations, templates and more. 

Which Features Are Included in Leadpages Software?

Though Leadpages at its core is typically looked at as simply a landing page creator, the many features offered in the software absolutely means it is much more than this. Leadpages abundant list of features makes it a very powerful software suite that will take your digital business to the higher level you’ve been hoping for. 

What Templates Does Leadpages Offer?

Leadpages comes with fully tested, high-converting drag and drop templates that are ready to be used for your digital business to deliver more leads with less lost clicks. Leadpages even provides specific mobile-friendly templates that are totally optimized to ensure of a gorgeous look, feel and flow on any smartphone a prospect may visit from. These templates make it extremely simple and more importantly fast to create elegant, top quality designs for your squeeze page. Just} drag and drop to customize each given template to fit with any business and marketing goal easily. You’ll end up with a professional , high converting landing page to capture your business leads – all without any code required. Furthermore, you will be ready to press publish if you don’t have a decent website. 

Additional Leadpages Features: Leadpages LeadBoxes

Another super versatile and hot feature of Leadpages software suite is LeadBoxes . LeadBoxes are pop-ups notifications which should be placed pretty much everywhere across your digital assets for example various blogs, personal websites, funnels and more. This clever feature doesn’t just provide users the ability to trigger a pop up to collect leads through Leadpages when a visitor clicks a button, specific text, or an image, plus it can be used in an even more targeted way. LeadBoxes can also be setup with a timer so that for example when a visitor arrives on your business site, after a set amount of time a pop-up will be shown to that visitor to convert organic and paid visitors into customers. One of the most powerful uses of LeadBoxes is the exit triggered LeadBox. These popups show when a visitor is literally in the motion of leaving your web site. This allows you offer a piece of awesome content to the lead in order to keep them from leaving the page. 

Feature: Leadpages Ad Creation

An additional cool feature of Leadpages is for sure the option to build paid ads within the platform. This is a super functional feature that is certain to save you time and make best use of your ad budget. It is very relevant to note, not only did Leadpages feature ad creation ability included in Leadpages, it’s actually entirely automated. Leadpages pulls content direct from the squeeze page that you’ve published, allows you to review and edit it as necessary, then design a high converting ad that will start pulling in additional eyeballs to your landing page. In addition​​, Leadpages also includes the ability to automatically place a Facebook pixel on all of your squeeze pages to re-target visitors and provide crucial data.

Additional Feature: Leadpages Split Testing

As entrepreneurs, we are quite in tune with the power of ab split testing. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, tons of concepts run through one’s head as to which areas of our Leadpage could be changed up and improved upon hoping to attract and generate more customers by incoming traffic. With an never ending quantity of potential changes to be considered, split testing is the most practical method to test these changes and obtain invaluable data on what is actually working in our marketing strategy. Leadpages has an excellent split test functionality built right in. It lets one to test iterations of their Leadpage alongside one another in order to learn what is actually working out and what objectively isn’t by calculating the conversion stats of each version getting tested. 

Feature: Leadpages Integrations

Leadpages boasts an generous list of integrations one can create an even more powerful digital tool kit for one’s web based business by allowing you to connect with different online marketing and sales apps that you’re currently using. For example, this software easily with each of the best email marketing services permitting you opt in a lead and  then automatically add their Info to your email list to kick off the automatic conversion process in the back-end of your online business. 

arguably the example above is somewhat sensible to many digital entrepreneurs, Leadpages’ available integrations certainly does not stops here. There are tons of other integrations that will definitely lift up your business to the next level. For example, Leadpages integrates with Shopify to allow a landing page to 100% handle the conversion process by putting buy buttons & order forms to provide a smooth sales experience for your site visitors. 

Prices and Plans, Exactly How Much Does Leadpages Really Cost?

The software offers 3 unique plans each with different levels of available features to make sure that you’re only going to pay for the features which you plan to use in your marketing strategy. In addition, there is also three plan tiers available in order to provide some flexibility and cost discount based on what will work the best for you. It’s relevant to consider and compare the features included in each of the 3 plans. Leadpages will occasionally change up the pricing plus features of each of these, so be sure to look into the up to date offers right here. But you are still on the fence about trying out Leadpages for your online business, I highly recommend visiting their page now to see if there is a Free Trial Available. Usually, you’re able to trial the service on a no risk free trial so you can get a feel for the advantage it will add to your web marketing plans. 

But What if I Still Have Additional Questions on the Topic of Leadpages Dsgvo?

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